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  About the trainers...
Vic Torres & Rob White cornering Chris Torres

Vic Torres Jr.
MMA-Kickboxing Instructor
Personal Fitness and Fight Trainer
Creator of Torres MMA & Fitness
Developed Team Jungle-Jitsu (Grappling)
Journalist for TheGarv.com

Some Notables
- BJJ Blue Belt under Legend Matt Serra
- IFTA Fitness Certified Personal Trainer
- Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Fighter and Kickboxer (4-2)
- Grappling/Kickboxing/MMA Trainer
- Licensed USKBA Kickboxer & Mixed Martial Artist
- Division II Collegiate Football Player (C.W. Post)
- 2013 Long Island Pride Champion (Gi & NoGi)
- North American Grappling Association (NAGA) - 2008 3rd Place Novice - 2009  2nd Place Beginner - 2011 2nd place Intermediate
- Grapplers Quest 4th place 2011 Intermediate
- Trained at Renegade MMA under World Class Sambo Player, Anthony Sansonetti
- Trained under BJJ Brown Belt Marc Leher '07-'10
-  Former Sempai Instructor under Sensei Larrea at Larrea MMA
- Completed Dave Kovar's Martial Arts Instructors Boot Camp
- Personal Trainer and Class Instructor at World Gym - Wantagh 
- Train under Chris Cardona and Tom Carlo at Bellmore Kickboxing Academy and MMA


 Chris is an amateur kickboxer and jiu jitsu player. He's a fantastic personal trainer at World Gym and at our facility (Jungle) for Torres MMA. Chris looking to become an elite trainer on the island. WIth the way hes going, he will be there sooner rather than later. Torres specializes in boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and jiu jitsu work. He also creates and has a ton of fitness and strength programs, sure to make your body transform. Chris' eating habbits are awesome, he can point you in the right direction with certain foods to eat and stay from. Overall, he's an above average trainer and if your lucky to set up a session with him you will see what I am talking about.
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